Hand-selected Indian sandstone roof slates in a shade to suit you

Our ‘Yorkshire style’ roofing range incorporates the highest quality Indian stone roof tiles in a wide range of colour options, either naturally occurring or enhanced in our factory to suit specific designs or geographical locations.

Each slate has a quarry fettled edge and is calibrated in thickness so that it sits flat and neat on the roof. For ease of installation, each of these natural stone roof tiles is pre-drilled at 8mm to accommodate a 7mm aluminium fixing. Our entire roofing range is covered by our comprehensive lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind, adding value to your property in the process.

We stock a huge range of sizes that suit a pre-designed batten plan. Each plan is specific to your roof and comes complete with your order, and we are more than happy to supply colour samples and sample panels that can be set up and left on site for assessment – especially for larger or more sensitive projects.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Hand-selected Indian sandstone

  • Thickness: 22mm

  • Weight: 125kg per m2

  • Available widths: 600mm, 450mm, 300mm

  • Available heights (to peg hole): 36″, 34″, 32″, 30″, 28″, 26″ 24″, 22″, 20″, 18″ & 12″

  • Fixing: 8mm pre-drilled hole to accommodate a 7mm peg

Colour Options

Traditional Buff

Our Traditional Buff slates are hand-selected to ensure a subtle blend of colours and hues. Incorporating an attractive blend of greys, greens and browns, this attractive shade is an ideal option for new build properties and renovations.

Yorkshire Buff

Our Yorkshire Buff slates are a popular choice for new build properties, or projects where an entirely new stone finish is required. This slate incorporates a unique blend of warm buff tones, hand-selected to ensure there are minimal variations in colour between the roof tiles.

Country Aged

Our Country Aged slates have been designed to capture the appearance of stone that has weathered without soot. This multi-shade option effortlessly blends with stone in areas such as North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales, making it a popular choice for developers, architects and homeowners alike.

Bespoke Shades

If none of our products seem to be what you’re looking for, why not ask about a bespoke blend? Usually offered at no extra cost, we are happy to work with you to create a shade that suits your project. Just give us a photograph of what you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there.

Aged Yorkstone

One of our first and most popular ranges, these dark pre-blended slates immediately and seamlessly blend in, making it the perfect choice for matching older stone roofs or on rural developments where reclaimed stone is no longer affordable or available.




Dyed Yorkstone

Our Dyed Yorkstone slates are offered in three shades, from our our light shade (which is a very light colour alteration) to our heavy shade (which is a darker blend). You can choose any level of dye or we can prepare a blend of each shade to suit your project.