Hardwearing, fully vented, dry fix ridges

Mayan RealRidge is made in the UK using natural slate and stone that is mechanically and chemically bonded to a GRP fixing and waterproofing system. This lets the ridge be fully ventilated with invisible fixings, with no need for an often unsightly and impractical roll out ridge.

Because the slate or stone is bonded to the GRP liner and uses a series of patented fixing and ventilation systems, this ensures a seamlessly installed ridge that is extremely strong and durable with an indefinite lifespan.

The GRP liner is quickly, easily and permanently fixed to the roof using a built in GRP ridge connector which connects to the next ridge and permanently weather seals the join. The ridge uses a patented vent strip to allow for the correct amount of roof ventilation at all times, while the vent strip’s flexible rubber edge seals the bridge against riven slates and allows for the ‘slate step’ needed for the hip application.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Hand-selected stone

  • Thickness: 22mm with a 5mm vent strip

  • Length: 750mm

  • Wing size: 200mm

  • Available ridge/hip angles: 90° (suitable for roof pitches from 37.5º – 45º), 105° (suitable for roof pitches from 30º to 37.5º and on hips with roof pitches from 37.5º to 45º), 120° (suitable for roof pitches from 22.5º to 30º and on hips with roof pitches from 30º to 37.5º), 135° (suitable for special roofs with a pitch up to 22.5º and on hips with roof pitches from 22.5º to 30º).

Colour and Size Options

Ridges can be supplied to match any of our natural stone roofing shades, or in bespoke shades in some cases.

90° all-in-one

105° all-in-one

120° all-in-one

90° classic

105° classic

120° classic