Reclaimed Yorkshire stone, available now and ready to install

We’re delighted to be able to offer reclaimed Yorkshire grey stone slates direct from stock.

While our Yorkshire-style range offers a versatile and hardwearing alternative, we appreciate that traditional stone roof slates do need to be replaced from time to time – everything from individual tiles or sections to entire roofs. Our products are suitable for Listed buildings, English Heritage projects or existing traditional stone roofs when local stone is specified.

All our stone is pre-coursed, meaning it is prepared and ready to go straight onto the roof. We are also happy to produce batten plans and supply the correct course heights to suit your project, eliminating a lot of the planning and working out and streamlining the job.

Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone Roof Slates
Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone Roof Slates

Production Details

All our reclaimed stone is coursed within 3” and straightened on the edges, so no trimming work is required. All you need to do is drill holes in the tiles and hang them on the roof. Because reclaimed stone slates are varied and individual, each course height is coded using a number to ensure easy pricing.

  • 1
    39” and larger
  • 2
    38” to 35”
  • 3
    34” to 31”
  • 4
    30” to 27”
  • 5
    26” to 23”
  • 6
    22” to 19”
  • 7
    18” to 15”
  • 8
    14” and smaller