Our commitment to habitat conservation and mitigation

At Truestone, we believe that new construction projects should not come at the expense of our precious wildlife. More so, protecting birds, owls, and bats during roofing and other construction projects is often a legal requirement in the UK. Whether you are applying for planning permission or embarking on a new development, your project will likely fall under environmental regulations that aim to safeguard wildlife.

As a responsible and environmentally conscious company, we are proud to introduce our new Habitat Conservation Scheme. This initiative aims to help protect the habitats of birds and bats, ensuring their survival and better managing the delicate balance between new developments and the natural environment.

As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce that we will be providing 100 barn owl and bat boxes as part of new roofing projects, enabling them to actively participate in this conservation effort. By installing these free barn owl and bat boxes, our customers will not only contribute to the preservation of these species but also have the opportunity to witness the wonder of these animals thrive in their own outdoor spaces.

Together, we can make a positive difference and ensure a future where wildlife and development coexist harmoniously.

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