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Truestone believes in not only providing exceptional paving materials but also in fostering a deep respect for the natural world that surrounds us. That means that when we are undertaking roofing projects, it is essential to consider the impact on local wildlife, particularly birds, owls, and bats.

Maintaining their habitats is a moral and social responsibility, but it is also a legal requirement for many planning applications and developments in the UK. In this blog post, we emphasise the significance of preserving these habitats and how doing so contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Upholding biodiversity

Birds, owls, and bats play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity by controlling insect populations and contributing to pollination and seed dispersal. By incorporating their habitat needs into roofing projects, we can support their populations and ensure a healthy ecosystem. This can also help create a harmonious balance between urban development and the natural environment, resulting in an improved quality of life for all.

Legal requirements

Protecting birds, owls, and bats during roofing projects is not just a suggestion; it is a legal requirement. Whether you are applying for planning permission or embarking on a new development, your project will likely fall under environmental regulations that aim to protect wildlife. This could include being required to maintain existing habitat features such as nesting sites or roosting places, or when necessary, installing appropriate bird boxes or bat boxes as replacements.

Engaging qualified professionals

To ensure the well-being of birds, owls, and bats, it is crucial to engage with qualified professionals who have experience in wildlife conservation when managing projects. These experts will guide you in adhering to legal requirements, conducting thorough ecological assessments, and implementing mitigation measures to safeguard the relevant habitat. Their expertise allows for a smooth integration of roofing projects and wildlife preservation.


At Truestone, we recognise the importance of preserving habitats for birds, owls, and bats during roofing projects. By maintaining these habitats, not only do we fulfil our legal obligations, but we also contribute to a more sustainable and biodiverse environment.

Remember, when undertaking roofing projects, always consult with qualified professionals who have a deep understanding of wildlife conservation. Our experts at Truestone are on hand to help you build with care, ensuring a brighter future for our communities and the creatures that inhabit them alongside us.

Photo by Cliff Johnson on Unsplash