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Making The Most Of Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone

Natural stone is one of the most reliable roofing materials available. Still, many traditional British stones like Yorkshire stone, Cotswold stone and Collyweston stone are hard to come by these days. Many of the original stone quarries are closed, with most of the few remaining based in national parks and conservation areas. These factors all limit the amount of stone available locally.

From time to time, stone roof slates need to be replaced – from individual tiles or sections to entire roofs. This is challenging when dealing with listed buildings or traditional stone roofs, which have very specific requirements, or there is a shortage of suitable replacement tiles.

In this – our very first – blog post, we look at some options for replacing natural stone roof tiles without necessarily having to start from scratch or replace every single tile.

Use Less Roof Tiles

It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible to maximise the coverage of existing stone roof tiles and make these go further.

Products like Mayan Roofing’s innovative ArmouredStone roofing system use a specialised mounting system and pre-made mounting rail. This rail essentially replaces the lower layers of a traditional double lap roof installation, meaning it’s possible to achieve the same coverage with fewer stone tiles.

Not only does this require less stone, but it is also easier to install and lighter, meaning there is no need for a structural roof to be installed.

Removing a roof, saving any usable reclaimed stone tiles and re-installing this using the ArmouredStone system may even mean it is possible to solely use existing stone roof tiles, maintaining a building’s look while ensuring the roof is solid and dependable.

Use Colour-Matched Alternatives

Areas like Yorkshire and the Peak District have distinctive stone roofs, with many buildings using locally sourced natural stone.

Replacing or expanding an existing natural stone roof may require more natural stone than is available in an appropriate style or shade. Still, it is often possible to source stone roof tiles that offer a similar aesthetic and level of reliability.

Many architects and developers will also try to make their houses and other buildings ‘fit into’ an area’s existing look and feel. This is also an excellent option for anyone looking to make sure their new build doesn’t feel out of place.

Truestone’s traditional stone range has been specially designed to seamlessly match the look and feel of traditional Yorkshire and other regional stones. We can even source custom colour options for specific projects.


Traditional and natural stone roofs are a real selling point for many properties, as well as being reliable and structurally sound when they are correctly installed.

Working with a trusted, dependable supplier of natural stone roof tiles and innovative roofing systems can help homeowners and developers make the most of their existing stone roof tiles.